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Max Roach on drums as Dizzy Gillespie solos and Bird looka on at Massey Hall, 1953. Notably, Dizzy is not yet using his distinctive horn and Charlie is seen holding the plastic Grafton Alto sax he used that night.

Was Bud Powell stone cold drunk or in a trance? Did it matter as no one played Bebop piano better? Max Roach fearlessly set the pace and always brought out the best in Parker. Where did Parker get a plastic saxophone? Who knew Charles Mingus would later dub over his own bass parts? Was Dizzy more concerned about the outcome of the Marciano Walcott title bout than the gig? Get to know Dizzy and Bird better by clicking on the links below.

clip Television clip of Parker & Gillespie
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dizzy Dizzy Gillespie

bird Charlie "Bird" Parker




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